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Not So Big Showhouse

Over the years we've enjoyed reading about Sarah's design principles. We recently visited her 2011 showhouse and had a great time experiencing those principles in person.

Principles we like the most include the use of light, views, ceiling height/treatment variety, differentiation of spaces, window seats, away spaces, and double duty.

In the Showhouse we enjoyed the use of texture, wood types, and artwork details. We particularly liked the outdoor space on top of the garage!

Take a look at the slideshow of the showcase house.

Things to love in these pics

  • Bookshelves and feature window.
  • Indirect lighting in living room.
  • Window seats.
  • Built ins.
  • Stairwell lights.
  • The upstairs deck.
  • The living room wall. Because of the neighborhood, there aren't any windows on one side of the house. You'd never notice it with the light that comes down the stairwell. But the texture they added to living room wall really helps too.

She uses this beltway around the top of the rooms that seems to connect everything. I don't know exactly why I like it. She uses it everywhere,