House of Corkill

  • Stephen reading to the kids

    Stephen reading stories to the kids in the hammock.

  • Apricots growing on our trees.

    Apricots growing on our trees.

  • Framing in the bonus room.

  • Setting the trusses for the garage.

  • Roasting sausages after forming the garage footings.

  • New stuff

    As we find things or get inspiration, we're adding to the site. Since you can't read our minds, I'll try to keep track:  project space, bedroom, bathroom, and porch ideas

    See the list of rooms
  • Healthy House

    Take a look at one of our inspiration houses, the Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Healthy House. It's an Arts and Crafts home with some beautiful features.

    Check it out
  • Home features

    Here's a detailed list of what we hope to accomplish with our home. We included a list of rooms, activities, and spaces that we see fitting into our lifestyle as well.

    Take a look

Thanks for joining us on the journey to build our home.