House of Corkill

Room ideas

Kids' bedrooms

We enjoy these creative approaches to kids' spaces. While we don't think they need a master suite, they do need a space to call their own.

Lily, Eve and Anna would like their room to be pink and purple with lots of princesses! Janelle, however, loves the colors, but would like it to be a bit more timeless. They currently have bedspreads and quilts in those colors that will need to adorn new beds or some sort. We're working on what that might look like.

Levi doesn't currently have an opinion! We're not very theme-y people, but if we were, we'd lean toward space and flying things with a definite outdoors background.

The carpet we've found for their rooms is a Carpet Plus standard beige in either California Dreamin or Unbelievable. We'd prefer to wood floor as much as possible, but with the amount of wood we have, it looks like the bedrooms will end up being carpet.


We like a lot about this. Built in bookshelves, the way the spaces are separated, but not separate. Also using height to provide away spaces. The girls talk about wanting to be on the top of the bunk beds with cozy spaces underneath.