House of Corkill

Room ideas

Master bedroom

After living in a studio environment, we are looking forward to our own refuge. Well, at least our own room! It now has requirements that I never thought I'd want, like a TV. But mainly we see a sitting area built for two (only!) and balcony access would be grand.

What that looks like is hard! We still like our sleigh bed. At one point we thought we'd deck it out in rich Zanzibar fabrics (that's still an option!), but primarily now a restful, luxurious personal haven.

We have selected a few items we like for the room:

We do see sconces or pendants beside the bed we can each operate for our reading pleasure. Prefer not lamps to reduce clutter. I think there is a coffer in this ceiling and possibly a ceiling fan (without a light).

bedroom 1

The feel of this is nice, cozy, rich, etc. Maybe a little dark, and Stephen thought a bit masculine for me.

bedroom 2

Seriously, who wouldn't want to live here.

We're looking for more ideas!