House of Corkill

Room ideas

Project space

This area will probably be in the upstairs above the garage. We may not finish that space right away...

Project space refers mainly to quilting and sewing, but includes scrapbooking and any other arts and crafts. I suppose it could even include electronics? But let's not get carried away!

I tried finding more examples of good project space, but most seem to be overly cluttered and everything is sitting out in different bins. I love that in small batches, but I prefer restfully organized spaces. However, to contradict myself, if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. If I can't easily pick back up my current project — especially when it's piecing a quilt — it won't get as much attention.

project 1

This is gorgeous - the way the colors come through the obscuring glass doors. But I'm not sure stacking fabric is really reasonable?

project 2

This work space is great, a pink chair! But I need space for a sewing machine, cutting matt, paper trimmer, and iron and ironing board as well. They don't all have to be out all the time, but horizontal spaces to support them would be helpful.

project 3

I like the many cabinets, storage and work space. And a nice, decadent chandelier.

away 3

I like these low walls as separators.

project 4

Not nearly enough storage, but like how it's neat and organized.