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The current sales contact we have for Eagle is Teresa Wagner (, 620-921-5588 cell) from Woodwork Manufacturing in Hutchinson, Kan.

When we selected Eagle windows we checked out a few other companies such as Pella and Marvin. We had Pella windows in our previous home and loved them and Marvin came highly recommended. Eagle appeared to be a well-made window (and Stephen will have to throw in those details here) and, so far, we haven't been disappointed. Andersen did buy the company about the time we ordered our windows. There may have been changes in the product that will cause us to consider other windows, and we're open to suggestions. However, we do want to maintain consistency.

2008 Eagle window order (pdf)

Features we selected:

  • Wood interior — Pine, pre-stained Fruitwood: We're not entirely happy with this because it's a little more red than we wanted. We looked at samples of Fruitwood and Dark oak(?) stain on pine and fir (the standard woods) and the samples showed that fruitwood on pine was the color we wanted.
  • Exterior color — Cappuccino: We've been happy with it. We selected it to go the best with the darker stained cedar siding we were planning, and it goes well with the dark stained smooth cedar trim that we've actually done.
  • Hardware: bronze hardware on the windows, and oil-rubbed bronze on the doors, Riveria (with a not-square escutcheon plate, argh.) on the screened porch french door and a C-style on the upstairs sliding door.
    • They now have a Classico handle set that we may want to consider for our upstairs sliding door. It looks like it would allow it to open farther.
  • Glass and blinds: high-performance low E (whatever, whatever) glass, between-glass blinds in the upstairs sliding-glass door (that will get the south sun), and a concealed insect screen on the french door (not yet installed).
  • Divided light (MDL): The horizontal grille in the divided light is 10" from the top.

2011 Eagle door quote (pdf)

The details I sent to Teresa for this quote:

Door 1 (mudroom door)
Straightline MDL glass panel and single sidelight:

194 - custom MDL: horizontal 10" down and single, centered vertical
6'8" x 3'0"
oak or walnut wood
capri oli-rubbed bronze hardware

182 - custom MDL: horizontal 10" down
We want this to be operational. When we purchased our patio door, that was an option, but I'm not sure where to find that option now!

Door 2 (front door)
Straightline MDL glass panel and double sidelights:

181 Straightline MDL glass panel
custom MDL: horizontal 10" down and single, centered vertical
8' x 3'6"
oak or walnut wood
after-market hardware

183 - custom MDL: horizontal 10" down

We didn't do anything with this quote other than glance at the amount. Other things took our attention and... here we are.